Risk Assessment, Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis Training

This course will delve into the principles of risk assessment, implementing corrective action and root cause analysis. These skills are essential to developing and managing an effective food safety system. Risk assessment provides the foundation for identifying food safety hazards in an operation, developing the risk profile of the hazards identified as well as the controls necessary to effectively manage the risk to product safety. When non-conforming events occur in an operation it is important to implement corrective actions that are highly effective. Root cause analysis is an essential component of corrective action and provides the methods necessary to identify the true cause of a non-conforming event so as to properly address the source of an issue.


Course participants will develop a working knowledge and skills on the following subjects:

● Risk Assessment and the process of hazard identification, risk profiling and identification of mitigation measures.

● Implementing Corrective Actions as a result of non-conforming events in an operation or corrective actions associated with non-        conformances to an audit requirement.

● Root Cause Analysis - an essential step for implementation of corrective action.

Course Details: 

This course is a live webinar led by expert instructors on Zoom platform. Full day of attendance is required to receive a certificate of completion. Fees include:

Live webinar

Certificate of completion

8 hour day


$650/Per person

*Discounts may apply for multiple registrations, see for details.

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